Pictus Stud.

Allsorts of Allsports horses.

                                                               Dedicated to Jacob

Hello, my name is Ben, welcome to my page. Since a very young age I have been a very keen horseman. I have very fond memories of my childhood spent with ponies, always learning that the ponies must come first. A special place in my memory belongs to Jacob a Welsh Section C that my mother rescued from a local horse sale, bidding only against the meat man. This was to be the start of my love for the natives fondly known as hairys. Jacob blossomed and paid us back tenfold he succesfully took me Eventing, Pony Clubbing  Showing and Hunting. We were all there the last official day of fox hunting with the Cheshire Forest Hunt, it was an impressive day to remember.

Presently I am privileged to have the opportunity to ride , Stonedge El Supremo an 8 year old Welsh Section D. Roger was originally a stallion who was graded with the S.P.S.S. of which i was very proud. I am happy to say i  qualified him for Horse Of The Year show in Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter 2010. I am now a fully qualified A.I. technician, CHESHIRE A.I. CENTRE Defra approved. This will add a larger dimension to the stud, as we can now take outside stallions for collection, and inseminate mares on or off site. pictusstudai@aol.com for more info.

  Ben brushing Jamies tail...bless

  Jake doing all the hard work , while Ben enjoys all the limelight