Pictus Stud.

Allsorts of Allsports horses.

                                                                   PICTUS  BLACKTHORN                                                                    

 Dam          Sevenfourseven                Sire         Faust af Elmelygard

                                                 Pictus Blackthorn.

A beautiful bay blanket spot colt. This super sports colt has been long awaited and will hopefully be kept entire and be our own breeding stallion.  Together with his Grandsire the prolific JUMBO and the amazing breeding, fabulous colour and temperament from Faust,( graded Knabstrup) we hopefully have a super formula for an eventing career.

May be for sale to a competition or stud home.


                                                         Pictus Crab Apple                                                                                      



The most exquisite coloured filly. Crab Apple has it all, the breeding, the colour and the movement. Her dam Sire STANHOPES DIDDICOY is a well proven dressage horse, as is  Faust, and with his amazing temperament and movement this delightful filly has a wonderful future ahead of her. Stanhopes Mulina is Crab Apples Dam and she was never without Champion whilst in her showing career. Mulina however also has the most amazing jump and spent a little while Eventing , which she also would mainly only settle for first place.



(will take a better photo when weather is better :) )



Dam          Welton Capriole    

 X Sire          Tresaison Snow Wolf

 PICTUS ROSEHIP. Rosie is a cracking huge filly. She is minimally marked over her back and seems level headed, brave and inquisitive. She has the breeding going back to Ben Faerie and with her Sires up hill paces should excel eventing/dressage.




           Dam      Harmsworth High Society      

                         X                                    Sire    Faust af Elmelygard
  PICTUS LAVENDER.....Violet is a lovely, strong, very friendly filly. She just can not resist trotting over to say hello. I feel she is going to be a real people horse. (because of this it has been extremely difficult to get any pictures of her so i have only got the odd one. Typically she was on her way over as soon as she spotted us.) Her markings are very striking. Violets dam Harmsworth High Society (Sire HANDSTREICH) is a fully pink papered Trakehner who after having a bad accident in a horsebox has come to us for a life of breeding which has suited her.  



                                                            PICTUS SCARLET PIMPERNEL

 Dam           Talybolion Anna             X   Sire     Tresaison Snow Wolf    


A delightful colt who oozes presence and confidence.

 Pimms has had a fabulous attitude and outlook since the minute he was born.

 He is a real eye catcher, and with his dams superb Welsh Cob paces together with his Sires warmblood paces, we feel it has been a fantastic pairing and have no hesitation in repeating this combination.

Pimms will break our hearts when he is sold as he is so full of character, he will be surely missed.

He is a perfect example of what we have endeavoured to breed.

 A rideable ,trainable, quality horse.