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                                             DUNGUAIRE FIONN McCOOL........Finn                 Stud Fee   £200

  Finn is a fully registered and licenced Connemara, sired by Gwennic De Goariva, with the G sire Abbeyleix Owen. He is a gorgeous dun colour and will not grey out like so many young duns. We had to travel over to Ireland to find him, with his kind breeders. We decided it was as easy to bring home two as one, so we bought his pal the bay connemara. So they travelled the seas together. Finn is fully licenced with the Connemara Society and is currently running with his first mares, he is maturing really nicely and has a fabulous nature.Please click the dragonfly to go to his profile page
 Finn will be available to a few select mares in 2011 and only A.I. He has a 50% possibility of producing the dun gene which is very exciting.        
  Finn is laid back and takes it all in his stride, with lovely action,and head. Ben has already laid claim to him, so they should make a good team, competing (against us....no chance haha) in M and M workers. We really look forward to putting him to our larger sports mares as his sire is well known for his jump.

                                                                        FAUST AF ELMELYGARD                         FOR SALE £3000

                                      Newsflash      Faust is now up for sale ......... Serious enquiries only please


                                          TRESAISON SNOW WOLF..........Spooky                                Stud fee £300 natural

  Spooky is a part bred Appaloosa sired by the fantastic Dance With Wolves (Appaloosa), out of Tilde af Elmgaarden KNN1951(knabstrup)/Don Ibrahim KNN92. He is fully licenced with the Spotted Sports Horse Society.Please click the dragonflyto go to his profile page
 Spooky is a fewspot , which means he has very few spots, however all his progeny will have spots of some sort, as he will ALWAYS pass this on. We are very excited to see his stock next year. He will be available for A.I. next year. 
  Spooky has the nicest nature, he stands at about 16.3 with 9inches of bone.He is currently 3 years old but has already proved fertile with so far 100% record and has produced stunning youngstock. He has been running with some experienced sports horse broodmares again this year and has had his diary full, so looking forward to 2011. Jake will be finished at university this year, as a fully trained equine dentist themolarman@aol.com and then he shall be concentrating on breaking Spooky in and would love to event him when he has matured.

                                            FAUST AF ELMELYGARD.........Fausty                                Stud fee £350 natural



 A fully graded Knabstrup, who is a delight to own with his fantastic temperament and devlish good looks. He stands at 15.3 but his huge presence makes him almost a hand bigger. Faust sire Apollon is a legend in his own right  Fausty has a huge fan club with most of his previous years mares all wanting to come back again, for this reason, we have now made him available for A.I. from this 2009 season. pictusstudai@aol.com for ANY A.I. enquiries

 Faust has not been ridden for at least two years, but we would love to have him under saddle again, so when we have broken all this years youngsters in, we will be focusing on him, and fittening him up again We will keep you informed of our progress

We have now started riding him and when we have taken some pictures we shall share them with you. Faust is a very special boy with the most amazing character. please click the dragonflyto go to his profile page




Anybody with a Faust foal please contact us at pictusstud@aol.com and send some pics as we would love to see them.

Faust Foals

                                                                   Reifals Calon lan                                          £150


Reifals Canon Lan, a fully registered and licenced 2 year old palomino welsh section C stallion, "Bubbles" has a  huge character and exceptional paces, he really has to be seen in action to appreciate this charasmatic chap Palomino is a dilute and this enables a broader  colour range when you put to him, you have an equal chance of dun, palomino as you do bay chestnut!


 and on the dam side he goes back to RHYDFENDIGAID DANIEL.Please click the dragonfly  to go to his profile page and click here to go to a video clip.